News:UFAAS institutes new Board

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bearing in mind the UFAAS mandate to advance overall provision of AEAS in Uganda by promoting coordination, interaction and harmonization amongst the actors who operate in a pluralistic extension system, UFAAS held its annual agricultural extension and advisory services conference on 29th April, 2016. This meeting also doubled as general assembly in which a new committee was elected into office. The committee comprises representatives from diverse backgrounds covering the areas of the academia, civil society, NGO, private sector, public sector and media. Find list of committee members under additional information.

Key UFAAS Milestones;

  1. Attained legal status in 2013 and established a governance structure
  2. Mobilized and sensitized actors at national and regional levels
  3. Registered over 200 actors
  4. Organized annual conferences where critical issues that affect the sector have been discussed
  5. Networks and shares information with a broad range of actors within and outside the country through the website ( and media among others
  6. Consistently lobbies and advocates for an effective and efficient AEAS system in Uganda by engaging relevant actors, policy makers and other partners
  7. Published a declaration on the agricultural extension reforms in Uganda
  8. Drafted the ethics and standards for the extension system in Uganda
  9. Enhanced the capacity of AEAS actors on selected topics that impact agriculture such as continental agricultural agendas, GMOs, innovative extension approaches etc.
  10. Provided technical expertise during the formulation of the framework implementation plan for the new single spine extension system.


Please find case studies under "Additional Information" 


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