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‘A new Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) tool called the Innovation Tree has been developed.

We share a paper by Pénélope Lamarque, Patrick Meyfroidt, Baptiste Nettier and Sandra Lavorel whose abstract reads: ‘The ecosystem services (ES) concept has emerged and spread widely recently, to enha

We share a policy research working paper by Megan Sheahan and Christopher Barrett whose abstract reads: ‘Conventional wisdom holds that Sub-Saharan African farmers use few modern inputs despite the fa

We share a paper by P. Gildemacher, K. Davis, N. Sellamna, W. Ochola and W. Heemskerk which ‘describes the roles that agricultural advisors play in the agricultural system.

We share a paper by paper by Sulaiman R.V whose abstract reads: ‘While the need for expanding the mandate of extension services is fairly well recognised, ways of operationalising the expanded vision

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