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We share the CTA Working Paper 15/01 by Andre Jellema, Wouter Meijninger and Chris Addison which discusses open data and their impact on developing countries, the potential impact of open data on the

A workshop on “Livestock and Climate Change” was organised by the consortium of the EU Animal Change project on 2nd and 3rd February 2015 during which the following issues were discussed: '(i) Climate

We share the FAO publication by William McLeod Rivera and M. Kalim Qamar entitled 'Agricultural Extension, Rural Development and the Food Security Challenge'. (Source: FAO website)

‘Agriculture for Impact presented the new Montpellier Panel report ‘No Ordinary Matter: Conserving, Restoring and Enhancing Africa’s Soils’ at the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

The sourcebook presents an introduction to basic concepts, definitions, context and boundaries, explains why food security is a concern, presents the link between climate change and food security, con

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