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‘Water-smart agriculture is an approach to farming that balances water availability, access and use across the range of water sources, according to principles of socioeconomic, environmental and techn

We share a framework which was put together by the MEAS project ‘to help guide design and implementation of ICT interventions in support of extension and information services.

We share a paper by Jeanne Y. Coulibaly, Glwadys A. Gbetibouo, Godfrey Kundhlande, Gudeta W. Sileshi and Tracy L.

We share an article by Kristal Jones, a Research Associate at National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center, University of Maryland, USA in which she ‘asks whose values and which ethics should drive i

‘Agricultural innovation in low-income tropical countries contributes to a more effective and sustainable use of natural resources and reduces hunger and poverty through economic development in rural

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